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livefromtable1's podcast

Jan 4, 2019

Plain and Simple.  Cincinnati City Councilmember Greg Landsman has decided to speak his mind, and not be Mr. Polite!  Listen as Greg talks City Hall, Texts, FC, West End, Streetcar and more.  Glad to have him with me at Table 1

Dec 28, 2018

What can I say?  This tough guy comes down to Cincinnati from Cleveland.  Serves as a police officer for 25+ years.  Buys early in OTR, and runs for city council.  Transportation.  Population growth.  Investing in East Price Hill (heavily) and fun to hang out with over cocktails.  He has many detractors.  I know because...

Nov 9, 2018

Xavier University has a talented government affairs person in Sean Comer.  But more importantly they have a smart young guy teaching political basics and civility to future leaders.  I appreciate the talented graduates I have met working throughout government and politics.  Listen to his perspective on the 2018...

Nov 5, 2018

Jeff Pastor may be the most Republican guy I know after listening to his story of supporting Republican Politics for so long through the push back of so many around him.  Listen as he talks Republican politics, City of Cincinnati Politics and converting to Judaism.

Nov 1, 2018

Honestly City Hall should maybe fear Brian Shrive from the Finney Law Firm more than local media.  This guy is a hound dog on open government.  He promotes a government that isn't doing backroom deals or dealing in secret. He has become a local icon of staunch Republicans as he isn't afraid to take on...